Prealbumin Calibrator KAI-054C (K-ASSAY)

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use


The K-ASSAY Prealbumin Calibrator Set is intended to be used for the calibration of the K-ASSAY Prealbumin immunoturbidimetric assay for quantitating prealbumin in serum specimens.

Set composition

Calibrators should be used as specified in the K-ASSAY Prealbumin package insert.

Calibrator A 1 × 1 ml
Calibrator B 1 × 1 ml
Calibrator C 1 × 1 ml
Calibrator D 1 × 1 ml
Calibrator E 1 × 1 ml
Calibrator F 1 × 1 ml

Calibrator Values

  A B C D E F
Prealbumin (mg/dl) 0.0 5.0 15.0 30.0 45.0 60.0

The values for the K-ASSAY Prealbumin Calibrator Set are continually being revised through ongoing quality assurance. As a result, the expected values may change from lot to lot. Please refer to the package insert for each lot for the exact calibrator values.