B50501 Regular profile non-skirted 96-well plate (universal)

RP, NON, Non-skirted light frosted Thin-wall (Breakable at <4 °C), cutable, Regular Profile.


These EU 96 well regular profile plates are non-skirted and designed for qPCR applications. Plates can be easily cut and are breakable at 4 7deg C. Closure can be accomplished with either EU (optical) strips caps, mats or seals. Can be used in most 0.2 ml regular block and Real-Time thermal cyclers. Plate is robust, flat and can be color coded using a Pre-Post Tube support grid. ABI compatible. Hint: Fits ABI 7300, 7500, 7900* non fast cyclers, 9700, ABI sequencers, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf (* Use specific adaptor mentioned in accesoires. Excellent for qPCR.

Article: B50501
Colour: Natural
Quantity: box of 25

Product properties

  • Cutable
  • DNA(se), RNA(se) and Pyrogen free
  • Light frosted
  • O-type material
  • Thin wall
  • Auto-clavable
  • Non skirted
  • Regular profile
  • qPCR grade 1
  • Evaporation grade 1